ITS time for INDIAN govt to call Lobsang Sanjay for a free independent TIBET Watch “Lobsang Sanjay – Tibet: Lens on Human Rights in C…” on YouTube

Lobsang Sanjay – Tibet: Lens on Human Rights in C…:

ITS time for INDIAN Govt to invite LOBSANG SANJAY to INDIA and work for free INDEPENDENT TIBET. Posted by Kavidha krishnamoorthi Lyf mobile reliance Jio network uttar Pradesh


KANADIGAS should read about patch dravids Death in Banaras – Jonathan P. Parry – Google Books posted by LYFUttar Pradesh 

KANADIGAS should read more about panch dravids. Each KANADIGAS who visits temple should know the ancestors  of their priests . For thousands  of years UTTAR PRADESH was the place where their ancestors visited for rituals . UTTAR PRADESH is a HINDI SANSKRIT motherland for PANCH DRAVIDS and for many other KANADIGAS (their ancestors who would have visited Banaras based on temple priests recommendation’s) . HINDI SANSKRIT is a mother tongue for not only KANADIGAS but for whole INDIA . So KARNATAKA govt should explain their hatred against HINDI it’s a motherland mothertongue for Panch dravids

KANADIGAS for centuries have settled in Varanasi Amchi Banaras – Indian Express  posted by LYF Uttar Pradesh mobile

KANADIGAS for centuries have settled and travelled to Varanasi for rituals for their ancestors . When the ashes of ancestors of KANADIGAS can be mixed with ganga using a chant in Sanskrit and Hindi . What is the issue of accepting HINDI as a language in KARNATAKA.