KANADIGAS should read about patch dravids Death in Banaras – Jonathan P. Parry – Google Books posted by LYFUttar Pradesh 


KANADIGAS should read more about panch dravids. Each KANADIGAS who visits temple should know the ancestors  of their priests . For thousands  of years UTTAR PRADESH was the place where their ancestors visited for rituals . UTTAR PRADESH is a HINDI SANSKRIT motherland for PANCH DRAVIDS and for many other KANADIGAS (their ancestors who would have visited Banaras based on temple priests recommendation’s) . HINDI SANSKRIT is a mother tongue for not only KANADIGAS but for whole INDIA . So KARNATAKA govt should explain their hatred against HINDI it’s a motherland mothertongue for Panch dravids

KANADIGAS for centuries have settled in Varanasi Amchi Banaras – Indian Express  posted by LYF Uttar Pradesh mobile


KANADIGAS for centuries have settled and travelled to Varanasi for rituals for their ancestors . When the ashes of ancestors of KANADIGAS can be mixed with ganga using a chant in Sanskrit and Hindi . What is the issue of accepting HINDI as a language in KARNATAKA.