Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican, did not vote for Donald Trump in his state’s primary on Tuesday.

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Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is focusing on the delegate count. | AP Photo

DeLay: Trump would tear GOP ‘to shreds’

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) wants Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich to stay in the race as long as possible to take on Donald Trump, warning that the Republican front-runner “could do great damage” to the party if he is the nominee.

“In fact, he already has,” DeLay told CNN in an interview. “The infighting that’s going on in the party is not helpful, but when he becomes president—if he becomes president—and he starts governing, the first thing out of the box, he wants to appoint someone like his sister, who’s a pro-abortionist, to the Supreme Court. That would split the party right down the middle. I mean, it would just tear it to shreds.”

The former lawmaker remarked that every time a candidate other than Trump wins a state or comes in a close second, the front-runner has lost delegates that he otherwise would have received.

DeLay also warned about Trump starting a trade war with other countries, remarking that Republican officials would be the first people to deal with his actions.

Asked whether he would support Trump if he walked back some of his past proposals — as the candidate has often suggested that as a businessman, every part of his proposals are negotiable as deals — DeLay was firm.

“Well, then if that is the case,” he said, “and he doesn’t mean what he’s saying, he’s just trying to get people fired up, then he is a con man.

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