Animals Of these Gods
An elephant vehicle of Indra
A tortoise on which the Earth rests
An antelope vehicle of Vayu and Chandra
Half horse and half bird one of the horses of the moon
A he-buffalo vehicle of Yama
Three-headed dog Cerbura, the the three-headed infernal dog of the Krishna legend. Compare the Greek hell-dog Cerberos.
A crow vehicle of Shani (Saturn)
A dog and horse vehicle of Shiva as Bhairava
A vulture or half man and half eagle, vehicle of Vishnu
A big bear ally of Rama
A cow the cow of plenty. Cows are holy animals to the Hindus
A sea monster, Makara or Jalampa half dolphin, half crocodile (a mythical creature), the vehicle of Varuna (god of water)
A mouse vehicle of Ganesha, the pot-bellied, elephant-headed God of Success, and a scribe
A bull vehicle of Shiva and Parvati
A peacock vehicle of Kartikeya (second son of Shiva and Parvati)
A parrot vehicle of Kamadeva (passion). It can be associated with other gods too.
A ram or he-goat vehicle of Agni
A particular dog dog of Indra
A serpent (Seshna, Ananta) The infinite – the king of serpentine energies, vehicle of the bed that Vishnu rests on
Seven horses vehicle of the Aditiyas
Thousands of horses vehicle of Vayu (Wind-God)
A swan vehicle of Saraswati (also peacock at times) and of the sitting Brahma
Seven swans vehicle of Brahma when he is not sitting, and also of Varuna
An owl vehicle of Lakshmi (it is the bird of Greek Athena too)
A winged horse, Tarkshya winged horse personifying the Vedic Sun  
A horse with eight heads, Uchchaih-sravas

the horse produced during the churning of ocean (Milky Way)








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