Attack on Hamid Mir – RAW the real beneficiary of the plot





KARACHI: The injured anchorperson of GEO Television (Independent Media Corporation) owned by Mir Family would in next few days resume his normal activities after his wounds would get healed but irreparable colossal damage has been done to the sovereignty of Pakistan by him by maligning the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and its Chief Lieutenant General Zaheer Ul Islam. It is a direct hit on Pakistan’s soverignty, which has been at war from different corners and with many enemies in covert and overt positions against the sole Nuclear Power in Muslim World.

The extremist and terrorist groups have beheaded hundreds of Pakistani troopers and thousands of civilians but Hamid Mir’s allegations against the ISI and its Chief Lieutenant General Zaheer Ul Islam are tantamount to disintegrating the sovereignty of Pakistan. Role of Pakistani Media and silence of government at this crucial stage is also inflicting much colossal loss, which they would never be able to address and the nation would not forgive them.

It is the ISI that has offered tremendous sacrifices for the country but their role has always been neglected, undermined, suppressed and presented in an absolute reverse and negative portrayal, which best serves the enemies of Pakistan.

The main beneficiary of Hamid Mir’s allegations against the ISI and its Chief Lieutenant General Zaheer Ul Islam is India, which secret service, RAW has constantly been conspiring against the sovereignty of Pakistan and knowing that the ISI is the biggest hurdle in its way to accomplishing its vested designs, RAW has invested billions in Indian and some section of Pakistani media. However, Indian Media never criticises RAW for its notorious designs and operations against Pakistan or even against humanity but sadly a section of Pakistani Media has always chased Pakistan Army and the ISI as its target.

Mubashir Luqman, an anchorperson of ARY NEWS has in number of his shows exposed Jang Group and its owner Mir Shakil Ur Rehman especially about a story that Hindustan Times of India carried with the connivance of Mir Shakil Ur Rehman. The story had deliberately maligned the ISI for backing a new private television in Pakistan, the BOL. The Hindustan Times had published a fake report on 29 September 2013 with the caption of “Dawood, ISI ‘Setting Up’ TV Channel in Pakistan”. The Hindustan Times had to remove that fake and cooked report from its online edition but the report was still available in hard copy of Hindustan Times. The Hindustan Times had also published a notification on Monday, 21 April, 2014 to clarify its position. The Hindustan Times clarified as “With reference to the news article titled “Dawood, ISI ‘setting up’ TV channel in Pakistan” uploaded from New Delhi, India, on our website, www.hindustantimes.com, on 29-09-2013, it is clarified that M/s Axact Pvt Ltd. has denied any such association. In view of the said clarification, the aforementioned article has already been removed from www.hindustantimes.com and any inconvenience connected therewith is regretted”, which link is: http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/newdelhi/A-clarification/Article1-1135524.aspx

This was enough a proof amid thousands that the Indian secret service, RAW had invested in section of Pakistani media (Television) and only GEO was the greatest admirer and supporter of Amn Ki Asha, which is also RAW funded project to malign the Pakistn Army, ISI and Pakistan.

Like a stone and two birds, attack on Hamid Mir has multidimensional purposes. RAW successfully attempted to malign the ISI and the debate at Khara Sach by Mubashir Luqman on ARY NEWS also precipitated, even for the time being.

Capital Talk, the show presented by Hamid Mir at GEO Television is the evidence of GEO’s adventurism against the ISI, former Chief of Army Staffs General Pervez Musharraf, over the issue of missing persons from Balochistan and allegations he levelled against the ISI for patronising militant groups and radical Islamist groups.

It is likely that a 3-member judicial commission would be constituted to investigate the incident and Hamid Mir and Mir Shakil Ur Rehman would have to explain as why they did not trust the Judiciary of Pakistan for seeking protection from the ISI if they were true in their claim the ISI would hurt them physically. Why Hamid Mir did not approach former Chief of Army Staffs General Ashfaque Pervez Kiyani against so-called threats from the ISI.

Pakistani nation would also expect from the judicial commission that it should also ascertain the real beneficiary of attack on Hamid Mir and defamation of the ISI and hence the coming days would be very important for Pakistan.

Interestingly, Hamid Mir had not only alleged the present ISI Chief Lieutenant General Zaheer Ul Islam but GEO Television has also claimed on behalf of Hamid Mir that he had life threats from the relieving ISI Chief Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha, who the India had during previous government of Pakistan People’s Party jointly led by President Asif Ali Zardari and Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani demanded to hand over Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha for interrogation and the PPP government had consented to send him to New Delhi.

Why Hamid Mir and GEO Television ignored threats from Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and avoided to name them as main perpetrators was also meaningful. It is no secret that RAW is grossly involved in insurgency in Balochistan through Balouch Liberation Army (BLA), the separatist militant group. It is no secret that RAW is the key funding agency to the terrorist groups operating in Pakistan against Pakistan Army, the ISI and Pakistan. It is no secret that RAW has deep links with anti-Pakistan militant groups such as BLA and certain other groups that claim to be part of the TTP.

Whether it BLA or any so-called religious extremist group in the disguise of TTP or TTP in actual or a journalist of higher rank or a private television in Pakistan with the objectives of promoting terrorism at one hand through arson and carnage and through Amn Ki Asha at the other was all for the Indian secret service, RAW, the main beneficiary from all aspects inclusive of Hamid Mir’s allegations against the ISI and its former and present Chiefs.

Immediately after Hamid Mir was injured in Karachi and GEO Televisions carried its agenda for maligning the ISI, started telecasting Hamid Mir’s allegations against the ISI. GEO Television quite repeatedly reported his message that the ISI and its former and present chiefs would be solely responsible for any damage done to him.

Immediately after GEO Television started its campaign against the ISI and its Chiefs, the ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) issued a media note in which Pakistan Army condemned attack on Hamid Mir and said that the incident must be thoroughly investigated for which Pakistan Army would provide all support so that those that carried that attack would be exposed.

A little later, TTP claimed the responsibility of attacking Hamid Mir in Karachi and in this regard, tweets from TTP are concrete proof. TTP had on April 19, 2014 (Day of attack on Hamid Mir) tweeted as below;

“He Is Attacked For Opposing Taliban, His Secular Agenda And For Promoting Malala Yousafzai.”

“We TehreekeTaliban Pakistan Punjab Chapter Take The Responsibility For Attack On Hamid Mir. We Did It Together With Brothers Of LeJ Karachi.”

“No Matter How Much Safe You Feel Inside Your Houses, Remember You Are Always In Our Access — Stop Propaganda Or Get Ready to be killed.”

However, like Indian state and private television channels in India, Pakistani private television channels in Pakistan are wild chasing the ISI and there is no difference in style of reporting and twisting various angles of maligning the ISI.

The patriot and the agents of enemies of Pakistan, the ISI, Pakistan Army and Islam have already been exposed from top to bottom. Members from civil society and eminent lawyers have also moved higher courts against such elements and hence the ISI does not need to hurt Hamid Mir or any other because nothing can be concealed from the people through the eyes and ears of social media and responsible reporting by key Pakistani newspapers.

There should be no doubt that the ISI would leave no stone unturned to help law enforcement agencies to trace and arrest the perpetrators so that they should be brought to justice as per law and it is not very far as it is the question of dignity of Pakistan’s premier agency, the ISI.

The writer is Executive Editor of Lahore Times.


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300 RMCH interns sued over journo assault in Rajshahi


TBT Live Update: Two cases were filed against 300 interns of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH) in connection with Sunday’s attack on journalists.

Officer-in-charge of Rajpara Police Station Khan Mohammad Erfan said President of Bangladesh Photo Journalists Association Rajshahi unit Asaduzzaman Asad filed a case against 150 interns with Rajpara Police Station on Monday midnight.

Later, ATN News cameraman Mahfuzur Rahman Rubel filed another case against 150 interns on various charges, including attack and vandalism, also on Monday midnight.

At least 10 local journalists were injured in an attack allegedly by intern doctors at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital on Sunday night as they had been there to cover the incident of a clash between doctors and relatives of a patient.

The attackers also smashed two cameras of the journalists.


Journos sue 157 RMCH interns

Star Online Report

It this April 20 photo, journalists stage a sit-in in front of emergency department of Rajshahi Medical College and Hospital protesting intern doctors' attack on them that left 10 journalists injured. Photo: STAR

In this April 20 Star photo, journalists stage a sit-in in front of emergency department of Rajshahi Medical College and Hospital protesting intern doctors’ attack on them that left 10 journalists injured.

Journalists have sued at least 157 interns of Rajshahi Medical College and Hospital (RMCH) on charges of attacking journalists and damaging their laptops and cameras. 

The RMCH interns beat up at least 10 journalists and damaged their laptops and cameras at the hospital Sunday night. 

President of Bangladesh Photo Journalists Association Rajshahi unit Asaduzzaman filed a case against seven named and 150 unnamed interns with Rajpara Police Station around 11:30pm, reports our correspondent quoting Khan Mohammad Erfan, officer-in-charge of the police station.

The accused interns whose names have been mentioned in the case are Mithu, Obaidul, Shamim, Subrata, Polash, Nayan and Roni.         

After few moments, cameraman of ATN News Mahfuzur Rahman Rubel filed another case against 150 unnamed interns, the OC said.

In their complaints, the plaintiffs also mentioned that the interns snatched sticks from police when the law enforcers were escorting the media people to the hospital to cover news.

Among the injured journalists, the condition of Tarek Mahmud Rassel, cameraman of Jamuna TV, was stated to be critical. He is now undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospital in Dhaka.

The attackers also smashed two cameras of the journalists.

The incident began Sunday night when a relative of a patient slapped an intern, following a brawl over a doctor’s alleged negligence to treat patients.




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