Hema Malini Drives into Mathura Nagari

Hema Malini Drives into Mathura Nagari

New Delhi: Actress-turned-politician Hema Malini, who is making her debut as a Lok Sabha candidate in the 2014 General Election from Mathura in UP for BJP, says if she wins her main agenda will be to clean the Yamuna river.

The 65-year-old actress grieved the sorry state of rivers in India, saying the issue requires evaluation and revision of water policies in the country.

“Our rivers are very polluted. People don`t understand the value and they litter in the rivers. We need to pay attention to this problem seriously. If I win from Mathura then my main aim will be to clean the Yamuna river. If Lord Krishna wants it to happen, then it will happen,” Malini said.

When asked about her chances of winning, the actress said, “I am very happy to be fighting the elections from Mathura. I am very hopeful.”

In the capital for the launch of a water preservation campaign by purifier company, Bollywood`s dream girl urged people to do their bit in saving water.

“Water is the most important element in our lives. It is the key to good health as well as beauty. Today on International Water Day, I ask each one to contribute to the cause,” she






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