PFI arms trainees linked to Dawood Ibrahim: Kerala police

IPL Spot Fixing and Betting- Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakil In List Of Suspects


Wanted for fake currency, ‘Dawood aide’ held in Dubai

Kochi: In a shocking revelation,  the state police on Monday submitted before Kerala High Court that the Popular Front of India activists, who participated in the Narath weapons training camp, had close links with gangster Dawood Ibrahim and banned Indian Mujahidheen.

The police made the submission on a plea filed by the accused in the case seeking to quash the case registered against them. The police found that one of the accused had contacted Sanaulla Shabandri belonging to the Bhatkal family, founder of the Indian Mujahidheen. The bank accounts of the accused establish the link.  

Sanaulla is a close associate of Dawood. An examination of the bank account of one of those arrested in the case found that he had received an amount of Rs 70 lakh from a foreign bank account, the police submitted.

The investigation reveals that the accused were involved in anti-national activities.  According to the police, the petitioners with the aid of terrorists first conducted experiments with wooden structure, then  animals, and ultimately on humans.

All the accused were having terror links,  including with LeT operator Thadiyantavida Nazeer. The accused were having criminal background and the cases registered against them are grave, the affidavit stated.

The police had raided the weapons training centre run by the Popular Front of India (PFI) and arrested 21 PFI activists allegedly undergoing arms training in a building at Narath, Kozhikode.



Narath accused had links with Dawood, claims government


“On examining the bank account of an accused, it was found that the account is connected to that of Sanaulla Shabandri, who belongs to the Bhatkal family, which is involved in the founding of Indian Mujahid. The Indian Mujahid was established by Riyas Batkal and Ismail Batkal and are allegedly involved in many blast cases across the country. Sanaulla is a close associate of Dawood. This proves the involvement of the accused persons in anti-national activities,” the affidavit stated. 

PFI activists who were arrested in relation to the seizure of weapons from the suspected Narath weapons training camp has links with Dawood Ibrahim, the state government on Monday submitted before the Kerala High Court.

“On examining the bank account of an accused, it was found that the account is connected to that of Sanaulla Shabandri, who belongs to the Bhatkal family, which is involved in the founding of Indian Mujahid. The Indian Mujahid was established by Riyas Batkal and Ismail Batkal and are allegedly involved in many blast cases across the country. Sanaulla is a close associate of Dawood. This proves the involvement of the accused persons in anti-national activities,” the affidavit stated. 

The affidavit was filed in response to a petition submitted by the accused persons to quash the FIR against them.

The police had raided the weapons training camp and taken into custody 21 PFI activists at Narath in April this year. It was found that swords, country-made bombs, gun powder, pellets and highly inflammable petroleum products were illegitimately purchased for making bombs by the accused. “Physical and arms training were imparted to the members,” the affidavit stated.

The police also seized a wooden mannequin allegedly used for target practicing. The affidavit also mentions the discovery of injured dogs from certain areas of Kannur. The petitioners first experiment with wood structures and then on animals. Ultimately they target human beings, the affidavit claimed.

The accused also had close contacts with  Halim and Majeed Parambai who are alleged to be the members of Thadiyantavide Nazeer’s group.

 All the accused have criminal background and multiple cases were registered against them, the affidavit stated.

The mobile SIM cards seized from the accused were registered in the name of unknown people.

“It shows that the accused were involved in dubious activities. Communal sectarianism is injected into new recruits who are less than 25 years of age,” the state government’s affidavit added.


New Delhi:  In IPL spot fixing and Betting case the first charge sheet of Delhi police in its final stage. The under world dons Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakil are also there in the prime suspects list which contains cricketers. Including malayali player S.Sreesanth there are 31 persons in the list. The police has charges  including MCACO against the suspects. Telephone conversations and CCTV shots will be evidence to the charges.

Other than Sreesanth, cricket players Ajith Chandila,  Ankit Chawan,and 26 middle men  and the mafia dons Dawood and Chhota Shakil are also there in the list.  Delhi police is in their last stage of finalizing the report in connection with BCCI, it says.

The three cricketers and 19 middle men in the suspect list are on bail now. Against the suspects ,police will be giving, the recorded telephone conversations ,video recordings on players giving away runs as agreed, CCTV shoots on discussions between the players and middle men  in different hotels  ,as evidence to court. Police also claims that  they have the records of the suspects admitting that they have received 20 to 40 lakhs for spot fixing on interrogation.

Police also have the photographs of players  at Mumbai ,Chandigarh,and Jaipur where they were under observation.  As per section 164 of  CRPC the statements  of Sidharth Trivedi, Harmeet Singh, and Raj Kundre , the team owner of Rajasthan Royals  also are evidence against the players. Experts says IPL spot fixing will be the ever first case in cricket scam in which police giving their charge sheet. The police arrested 3 players of Rajasthan Royals team on 15th of May 2013 on suspecting spot fixing. later BCCI suspended these players.

An alleged aide of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, Mannuparambil Abdul Majeed, 53, reported to be behind the circulation of Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) from Gulf countries to Kerala, was detained in Dubai recently. Officials said a team of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is going to Dubai on December 4 to bring him to India.

Sources said Majeed was detained in Dubai based on a red corner notice issued by Interpol on NIA’s request. He is alleged to be linked to the seizure of fake notes with a face value of Rs 72.5 lakh in 2008. The notes were seized from one Muhammad Alshad of Thrissur, who had just returned from the UAE.

In 2011, the NIA took over the case after officials suspected terror links. According to NIA, Majeed, originally from Malappuram, has been living in Dubai for the last few years. “From the interrogation of suspects, we linked the circulation of FICN in Kerala to Majeed. He has also been facilitating money to terror groups trying to make inroads into Kerala,” said a top NIA official. The fake notes are reported to have originated from Quetta in Pakistan.


Malayalam film D-Company sued for showing Dawood Ibrahim on poster

Centre suspects Kerala businessman of being Dawood aide, seeks probe by four states

NEW DELHI: The central government has sought detailed investigation by police forces of the four southern states into the activities of a controversial Kerala businessman who has extensive interests in real estate, media and other sectors. Among the focus of the probe would be allegations of his possible links to the Dawood Ibrahim gang. 

The Union home ministry sought the investigation based on a detailed complaint it received about the businessman’s activities including involvement in alleged money laundering. Sources said the reference was made to the police forces of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka on the eve of Republic Day. 

The businessman is accused of being a conduit for routing the underworld don’s investments into various parts of the country. 

The complaint accuses the Kerala businessman, with links in Chennai and Singapore, also of money laundering in association with a leading jeweller of Kerala. The gold merchant also has extensive presence in the Gulf region. 

The complaint also speaks about the businessman’s contacts with some Catholic priests and of them aiding him in his activities in Kerala. The businessman has had dealings with business enterprises run by the Catholic church in the past. 

Sources said what raised the hackles of the central intelligence setup was claims about his alleged links to Dawood. Over the past several years, there have been several inputs showing D-gang’s deep interest in Kerala. Through various fronts, the D-gang is believed to have invested extensively in properties all over the southern state. There have also been inputs about the underworld routing hundreds of crores through bank and hawala routes into Kerala from the Gulf countries. 

Dawood is known to use successful businessmen, especially those in construction, realty etc, to carry out benami investments. 

The complaint about the businessman also talks about his activities in a foreign country, where he is accused of being involved in a foundation that may have carried out extensive fraud.

Not surprisingly, he is tight-lipped about his forthcoming consignments, but does reveal that, following a couple of gold carriers having been caught at Kerala airports recently, he has decided to avoid the state altogether. “I prefer airports close to the state but not within it, such as the ones at Coimbatore or Mangalore,” he tells Business Today, while on a short visit to Kozhikode in north Kerala.  

The Kasargod native’s main occupation is that of a hawala agent, but he has had earlier experience of  gold smuggling as well. In 1988/89, when the Gold Control Act – which essentially prohibited gold imports into India – was still in force, he used to be a ‘carrier’, bringing in gold from Saudi Arabia. One assignment involving 20 gold pieces, each weighing 116 gm, earned him Rs 2,000 per piece; for the next one, involving 30 pieces, he charged double. But once gold imports were legalised – on payment of nominal duty – with the liberalisation of the economy in 1991/92, the gold smuggling infrastructure collapsed, and he shifted to currency smuggling instead.

But now, two decades later, gold smuggling has revived again. It all began when policy makers recognised that one of the main reasons for the country’s current account deficit (CAD) touching a record $88.2 billion, or 4.8 per cent of the gross domestic product in 2012/13, was excessive gold imports. With Finance Minister P. Chidambaram committing himself to lowering the CAD to $60 billion in the current financial year, import duty on gold has been progressively raised. It was two per cent till January 2012, it is 10 per cent now. Other curbs on gold imports include an excise hike from seven to nine per cent, and the provision that at least 20 per cent of all imported gold must be used for exports.


Kochi : It is reported that cores of illegal money is pouring into Kerala to buy real estate and to invest in businesses. Underworld, unaccounted, illegal money is being used to buy real estate in sensitive areas of Kerala. For several years, under the naked eye of Congress/Muslim League governments, Jihadi smugglers from the Middle East have laundered millions of illegal money into Kerala to buy real estate in and around Guruvayoorappan Temple, Sri Padmanabha Swami Temple, Kadmpuzha Temple and Chettanikara temple. it was a “low Tech” world of money laundering, the process of cleaning “dirty money” through Hawala. Platoons of couriers were used to carry and distribute money to Jihadi agents in Kerala. The illegal money was used to corner real estate property in and around famous Hindu temples.

Now Middle East based jihadi terrorist organizations use electronic transfers to avoid detection. Wire transfer systems allow criminal Jihadi organizations as well as underworld Mafia to enjoy a swift and nearly risk free conduit into Kerala. Banking and government officials, as well as police collude with money launderers for a hefty fee. Once the illegal cash is transferred or wired in to an account in Kerala, digital funds are withdrawn overnight. Cores of rupees are withdrawn overnight and the illegal money is used to buy real estate in sensitive areas of the state. Recently Middle East based Jihadis have bought sensitive, prime real estate in Cherai, Kochi, Vizinjam, Bepur, kannoor, Kozhikode, Koilandi, Mallappuram, Trichur and Alwaye. Even agricultural lands and paddy fields are bought to construct convention halls and hotels with illegal money with active collusion with political leaders and government officials.

One of the rulers of Middle East who visited Kerala and Goa recently has invested heavily in real estate in Cherai, Kochi and Goa through agents of terrorist gang leader Dawood Ibrahim. It is reported that one of the Sheik also has invested heavily in real estate through Binami agents. With the active assistance and guidance from Pakistani ISI agents, Dawood Ibrahim’s Binami agents have invested heavily into real estate in and around Kochi, Vizinjam, Ezhimala, and Trivandrum.

The Marxist government who cohorts with Jihadi terrorist gangs has no interest in identifying or inquiring the Jihadi organizations or persons who buy real estate or invest in businesses. Therefore, the combination of anonymous cash and the political support give Jihadi mafia unrestricted opportunity to invest illegal money in businesses, hotels or to purchase real estate in highly sensitive areas of Kerala. Obviously, transferring money illegally, and then spending the cash is an appealing opportunity for Jihadis, criminal gangs and money mafia. Police or journalists are not interested in investigating the source of investment or the agents behind it for obvious reasons.

Several Muslim businessmen including Sheiks in the Missle East sub-contract the task of money laundering to organized criminals like Dawood Ibrahim and Muslim businessmen from Kerala because of their connection to political leaders. 

If unchecked or thwarted, in the long run, saturation of dirty Jihadi money into Kerala will corrupt our government, inflate real estate business, ruin our economy, and threaten our political system. It will also place innocent, law abiding, tax paying citizens at a great economic disadvantage. It is time for Kerala government and the Reserve Bank to enforce currency reporting requirements, taxation of real estate investment and currency transaction filing requirements.

Like an astute businessman who employs all means at his disposal to control the course of trade, police investigations have revealed that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim allegedly masterminds, sitting far away, the entire operation behind the illicit bookmaking business in India through a wide network of conduits and bookies. The don himself makes huge investments in this murky trade, knowing full well that it would bring him handsome profits.

Based on the evidence gathered so far, the police have now obtained non-bailable warrants against Dawood and his close aide Chhota Shakeel. Both run the bookmaking and spot-fixing rackets from Pakistan and Dubai through their conduits, as earlier disclosed by the Special Cell. Two of their confidants have been identified as Dr. Javed Chutani and Salman.

“Chutani shuttles between Karachi and Dubai. Investigations have indicated that he primarily oversees Dawood’s real-estate business in the United Arab Emirates along with the other D-Company members. We have his call intercepts, one of which is quite revealing. That particular conversation, which originated from India, is prima facie enough to establish his association with D-Company,” said a senior police officer.

The names of Chutani and Salman also figured during the purported revelations made by top bookies Ramesh Vyas, Ashwini Aggrawal alias Tinku Mandi and Feroze Ansari. “Although we are yet to ascertain since when Chutani has been working for Dawood, the bookies disclosed that they knew him for the past five years. They have met him in person during their several visits to Dubai in the past. We have also learnt that Dawood himself invests in the betting business,” said the officer.

Reconstructing the chain, the police have discovered that it is none other than the top fugitive marketmaker who opens up the betting rates for the bookies operating under his protection, for each cricket match. “The rates are conveyed to the conduits who forward them to the bookies in India. The rates then travel down to sub-bookies and punters.”

The investigators believe that Dawood sets the rates in such a calculated fashion that during the initial phase of the match, he is bound to make profits. By the time the complex market dynamics take over the situation and the rates start changing as the match progresses, he pulls out of the game, minimising his losses. The punters and sub-bookies remain oblivious of such a design.

“The illegal money is invested through bookies and the profit so generated is passed on to the don’s conduits through the hawala channels. Some of the bookies — Ramesh Vyas, Kothari and Pluto from Mumbai; Mandi, Sandeep Jain and Dinesh from Delhi; and Lokesh from Gurgaon — also managed such channels at the instance of their handlers,” said another officer.

During interrogation, Feroze has purportedly disclosed that he managed the betting-cum-hawala operations prior to Ramesh Vyas. He was arrested in a betting case in Mumbai last year. “Alleged bookie Sunil Bhatia [Nagpur] was also in contact with Chutani through Mandi,” said the officer, adding that further investigations were under way to gather more evidence of the underworld’s role in the spot-fixing case. The police have so far zeroed in on nearly 100 suspects. “We cannot go on making arrests as the list of bookies would keep growing. Also, those arrested could only be part of one of the several chains operating under the protection of the Dawood gang,” he said.

Interestingly, Feroze and Vyas have withdrawn their bail applications from the court which recently granted police custody for two of the accused under the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act. “Accused Deepak and former Rajasthan Royals’ cricketer Ajit Chandila also withdrew their applications on Wednesday and are expected to file the same on July 1,” said the officer.




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