China ready to invest $160 billion in Andhra Pradesh

China ready to invest $160 billion in Andhra Pradesh.

India-China border dispute due to govt’s poor policy, former Army chief VK Singh says

Singh said that in the 1960s, Chinese premier Chou En Lai had given a map to India on the basis of which all claims and counterclaims were being made even today.

He said that China always attempted to grab more land from India and added that policies following by the Prime Minister’s office and the Union external affairs ministry helped it.

None of the neighbouring countries are happy with India he said, adding, this would always remain the case until India had a sound foreign policy.

Investments making up for trade deficit with India: Japan

 1,000 Japanese companies have set up offices in India and have created over 1,50,000 jobs in India.

Citing examples of ToyotaHitachi and Panasonic, he said that Japanese companies are using India as a hub to export in the overseas market.

During April 2000 and March 2013, India has received USD 14.55 billion FDI from Japan.

Japan won’t accept China’s unilateral gas development in E. China Sea

Kyodo — Jul 19

Japan wins rights to explore for rare metals in Pacific

Toyota Settlement of Acceleration Cases Wins Approval



LeT, IM busy opening terror front along Bangla-Myanmar border, intel inputs say

CM happy with Bangladesh extradition treaty progress

Tensions high in Bangladesh after war crimes sentencing


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