KANADIGAS should read about patch dravids Death in Banaras – Jonathan P. Parry – Google Books posted by LYFUttar Pradesh 


KANADIGAS should read more about panch dravids. Each KANADIGAS who visits temple should know the ancestors  of their priests . For thousands  of years UTTAR PRADESH was the place where their ancestors visited for rituals . UTTAR PRADESH is a HINDI SANSKRIT motherland for PANCH DRAVIDS and for many other KANADIGAS (their ancestors who would have visited Banaras based on temple priests recommendation’s) . HINDI SANSKRIT is a mother tongue for not only KANADIGAS but for whole INDIA . So KARNATAKA govt should explain their hatred against HINDI it’s a motherland mothertongue for Panch dravids

KANADIGAS for centuries have settled in Varanasi Amchi Banaras – Indian Express  posted by LYF Uttar Pradesh mobile


KANADIGAS for centuries have settled and travelled to Varanasi for rituals for their ancestors . When the ashes of ancestors of KANADIGAS can be mixed with ganga using a chant in Sanskrit and Hindi . What is the issue of accepting HINDI as a language in KARNATAKA.


VIKRAMADITIYA ‘S inscription is found inscribed on a gold dish hung inside the Kaaba shrine. The story of pomegranate (Vikramaditya) is true Turkey is famous for pomegranate . Saudi Arabia  turkey was part of  VIKRAMADITYA’S  empire . see the dietary laws in Saudi Arabia f.Islamic dietary laws forbid the eating of pork because out of ten avatars Hindu god was born as boar ‘s head. So based on Saudi Arabia Islamic Mecca law its a sin for Islam religion to behead Hindu Indian soldiers. Now Lahore high court can’t justify beheading of Indian soldiers based on Islam. Islamic dietary laws forbid the eating of pork and drinking of alcohol beverages .this law is enforced throughout Saudi Arabia . most of the laws are justified under Hindu religion. Now see the rituals in mecca . respecting idol paying obeisance to the structure round idol circumambulating around the structure where idol is located rituals which is practiced by Indians and many vedic followers the world shaving head to bow in front of God . pakistan law board should read about Kaaba is a Hindu temple by P.N.OAK.  shrines at Varanasi in India and Mecca in arvasthan (Arabia) are Siva temples. Kutub minar gives details of vikramaditya. Based on latitude longitude of mecca which vikramaditya built in Saudi Arabia resembles the same ancient temple location in India . LAHORE HIGH COURT BAR ASSOCIATION in any case can’t justify either by religion or by partition of India .they really can’t answer why they are punishing kulbushan jadav . Baluchistan script connects with Dravidian language which clearly tells about VIKRAMADITYA’S rule in Saudi Arabia. PAKISTANI courts can’t  punish kulbhushan under religion its a sin they can punish him for partition of India because he was not responsible for India’s partition. SO IN ANY CASE LAHORE COURT BAR ASSOCIATION CANT PUNISH KULBHUSHAN JADAV .IT’S a crime under Islamic Hindu Saudi Arabian law where dietary laws forbid the eating of pork and drinking of alcoholic beverages .and this law is enforced throughout Saudi Arabia


PAKISTANI TEXTBOOKS build hate culture against INDIA.  LAHORE HIGH COURT BAR ASSOCIATION should answer this question on what basis . Baluchistan Punjab sindh  use devnagri scripts . devnagri script is used for 120 languages it includes Hindi Marathi Nepali pali sindi kashmiri . Records in Hindu genealogy registers in haridwar has scripts written in devnagri and Urdu .So it is very clear that Baluchistan Khyber pakhtun Punjab sindh all families from centuries have Hindu genealogy registers in haridwar written in devnagri and Urdu  So Pakistani textbooks can’t promote hatred against India. So when LAHORE HIGH COURT BAR ASSOCIATION can’t simply justify hatred against India . it does not have any right to give death sentence to kulbhushan jadhav . LAHORE HIGH COURT BAR ASSOCIATION can’t justify many things against Kulbhushan jadhav. Pakistan courts should accept the facts that most of Pakistani are converted Muslims . LAHORE HIGH COURT BAR ASSOCIATION should know hanging kulbhushan jadhav is hanging their own citizen.